Can I get access to the tutor to ask them art-related questions?


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    Hello, I'm not very conversant with computer use. Originally I ordered a one year course with Art Tutor.(Phil Davis) was dealing with this. Then found that for the present It suited me better to order four separate courses which suited my circumstances better. ie. smaller outlay. I spoke to Phill about this and he agreed that the course would be deleted in favor of the smaller order with four components This order was placed, paid for and the material received via the web.

    Subsequently I spoke to another lady (? Sarah Davies.) who suggested that this the first order could be deleted by herself and replaced with my then order for four smaller courses. These I received by my computer, but at the moment am having some problems in opening them for use. Not to panic at the moment it's probably my ignorance that is preventing me from opening them. My concern is that the lady Sarah seemed to understand that my first order was still active.

    I should be obliged if this point could be checked so that I do not end up owing you for a course that I thought had been canceled.

    I must admit that everybody from Art Tutor has been most helpful and that last thing  I want to do is to cause you any more problems.

    Thank you in anticipation that this will be sorted,

    sincerely david wareham






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